What’s new in German Studies?


The Spring semester of 2010 is in full swing now and I wanted to provide some updates about ASC’s German Studies program.

First, some news about people: Barbara Drescher is back and teaches German 102 and 202. The students in German 202 already produced some great audio clips about the topic of “Reisen” (traveling), keep an ear out for examples on itunes U soon.

Perhaps you have already met our new exchange student, Katharina Kapsamer. Katharina, a fellow native of Upper Austria, is an M.A. student in visual art and English at the University of Salzburg. In addition to completing courses at ASC, she also teaches the German 102 lab sessions, offers tutorial hours, and will hold several cultural hours on topics ranging from food to music. Please say “Hallo!” to Katharina if you see her in the hallway.

Keep an eye on this blog and on the German program’s facebook site for more information on film screenings, Kaffeestunden, German lunch tables, etc!


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