Germany Puts Its National Memory Online

Can you put a nation’s memory online? Well, the Germans think you can. Historians in collaboration with the German government, public media institutions, Youtube, and Google have created a project called “Das Gedächtnis der Nation” [The Memory of the Nation]. Witnesses of the last 100 years of German history tell their stories in an ever growing video archive on that website.

Aware that the internet is a two-way channel, the organizers have also created a youtube portal where everyone can submit an entry. The entry will be reviewed before publication. I think that this is a great idea to broaden the notion of what German history (and identity) really is, since anyone anywhere in the world can record a witness–an emigrant, or a GI who has been stationed in Germany for a long time–and can submit it.

I see great potential for this in some of our German classes and also for the German trip!

Here is the welcome video by the German president:

Here is the invitation video to submit your projects:


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