Musik am Freitag


We are trying out a new feature here: Every Friday, you will find a clip with music from one of the German-speaking cultures. Our goal is to find alternative, off-the-mainstream groups that give you an inside into what’s happening in the arena of music.

We’ll begin with an Austrian band called “Laokoongruppe,” a formation that explodes the boundaries between pop, free-jazz, classical music, and Austrian folklore. Hard to define, they have made a splash and continue to fascinate audiences.

As the following clip shows, street performances are an important part of their art:

You can hear some more of their music on soundcloud, especially the famed “Walzerkönig [king of waltz]”, which is described as follows:

Laokoongruppe sings passionately about his magnificent country and it’s wonderful people, good music, idyllic politics, national security, good deeds, buttered bread, mountains, lakes, cowboy hats and hiking boots. A heavy atmosphere of resigned contentedness and purposeful aimlessness winds its way throughout the album directing the listener into irresistible swaying of trancelike rapture. Walzerkönig, that is a masterpiece of German-language pop music with clearly local colouring: is to be heard in Hamburg, Berlin and Zurich, but can come in this form however only from Austria.


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