ASC Student-organized Holocaust Lecture Draws Crowd


Close to 140 people packed Lower Evans on Agnes Scott’s campus last night when Eva Baron, Hungarian-born survivor of Auschwitz concentration camp, talked about her experience. Ms. Baron delivered a moving and often chilling account of how she and her family were deported from Budapest during the last year of WW II and how her parents and siblings were murdered in Auschwitz. Ms. Baron impressed on the students the importance of keeping the memory of these events alive. “The world,” she said, “is a crazy place, and bad things happen all the time. It’s important to stand up.”

This event is a wonderful example of student-driven learning. A group of students, lead by first-year Ariella Strudler, organized support from the ASC Hillel and German clubs, the Emory and Georgia Tech Hillel clubs, the Breman Museum, and the ASC departments of German Studies, Political Science, History, and International Relations. A big round of applause to these students for putting together such a great learning opportunity for our campus.

Holocaust Lecture
Close to 140 people were listening as Eva Baron told the story of her survival.
Holocaust Lecture 2
Eva Baron telling her story.

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