Charlotte Kubicz just delivered her talk, great job!


With her talk “Creating the femme Fatale: Marlene Dietrich Under the Gaze”, Charlotte Kubicz, German Studies major at Agnes Scott College, introduced an attentive audience to the investigation of gender representation in popular cinema.

Kubicz compared and analyzed Marlene Dietrich’s role in the films “Blue Angel” (1930) and “Shanghai Express” (1932). Both were directed by Austro-American director Josef von Sternberg, but while “The Blue Angel” was produced during the German Weimar republic, “Shanghai Express” was produced in Hollywood. Part of Kubicz’ project is to see if the different cultural and national context of production for these two films also resulted in a different manifestation of the femme fatale or vamp concept.

After introducing and the concept of the femme fatale as a female role that disrupts the traditional boundaries between masculine and feminine identities, Kubicz focused on the different ways in which “Shanghai Express” presented the character of Shanghai…

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