The Brandenburg Gate

You haven’t been to Berlin if you haven’t visited the Brandenburg Gate. So we did.

ASC Students Visit German Parliament

Since 1991, the German Parliament, called Bundestag, has been meeting again in the Reichstag. Built by the Kaiser, burnt down by the Nazis, and then lingering in the no-man’s-land along the Berlin Wall for decades, this building synthesizes more than others the many layers of German history.

Bauhaus, Dessau

Remember that chair with its stainless steel frame and leather seat you saw at IKEA recently? It looks so contemporary, yet its design is almost 100 years old and goes back to the Bauhaus school of architecture and design.


When you exit the M5 Strassenbahn at Freienwalder Straße, you find yourself in a quiet residential neighborhood east of Alexanderplatz. Private residences with saddle roofs alternate with conventional apartment buildings, some dating back to the public housing projects of the 1930s, some quite obviously reminiscent of the GDR Plattenbau. Nothing here provides a cue that…

Breezing Through German History

Visiting the Deutsches Historisches Museum [German History Museum] has one important pre-requisite, namely the capacity to accept incompleteness. There’s just no way that a visitor will be able to get an overview of their massive collections from more than 2,000 years of German/Germanic history. Which is why we had asked our tour guide to focus more…

Austrian Architects Design Expo 2012 Building

If it looks like a giant stranded fish, that’s intended: The Austrian architecture office “soma” designed the building to illustrate the Expo’s theme “The Living Ocean and Coast.”

ASC in Germany 2012

Twelve Scotties and two professors will soon depart for a two-week study-abroad semester in Germany. You can follow their adventures on this blog!

What’s “Hot”? Austrian Cinema, Apparently

Todd Herzog, Professor of German Studies at the University of Cincinnati, wrote a very positive review of the book New Austrian Film, edited by Robert von Dassanowsky and Oliver Speck, and published by Berghahn Publishers in 2011. (Full disclosure: I do have an article in this volume on Florian Flicker’s 1998 film Suzie Washington.) Herzog…

“Good Bye, Lenin” — A Student Essay

In German 202 students watched and discussed several films, among them the already classic “Good Bye, Lenin!”. We’ve asked several students if they would like to revise their essays for publication on this blog. Here is Katherine Robinson’s work: Die Beziehung zwischen Realität und Wahrheit in dem Film “Goodbye Lenin” “Goodbye Lenin” ist ein lustiger…