Congratulations: ASC Student Quyen Tran Wins DAAD Scholarship

Belated congratulations to Quyen Tran for winning a DAAD undergraduate scholarship. In 2013, Quyen will spend six months in Freiburg (Germany), researching aspects of obesity at the Max Planck Institute of Epigenetics. (The DAAD scholarship will pay her a monthly stipend, plus research and travel costs as well as health insurance.)

Quyen is currently taking a course on German history and culture to prepare herself for her research stay. We’ll hope to have an interview with Quyen up here in the near future. In the meantime, those of you interested in such opportunities, use the time before midterms to familiarize yourselves with the requirements of the DAAD undergraduate scholarship, for you could be the next recipient.

For more information, visit the DAAD website and don’t hesitate to make an appointment with Prof. Gundolf Graml, Dir. of German Studies ( The next deadline for the DAAD scholarship is January 31, 2013.


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