German-speaking News Headlines On Obama’s Reelection


Europeans have closely followed the developments during this election. Here’s a brief overview of this morning’s headlines of online media outlets in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland.

The Austrian daily newspaper Der Standard leads with Obama’s victory, “Obama reelected, President emphasizes the country’s unity.” In its overview, the newspaper also highlights the difficulties the president has to overcome in order to restore governability to the country.

Germany’s weekly magazine Der Spiegel’s headline “Obama’s Agenda für ein kaputtes Land” also emphasizes the divided nature of American politics and the Republican’s scorched earth politics.

Another German weekly newspaer, Die Zeit, encourages the reelected president to be more courageous: “Mehr Mut, Herr Präsident!” One of the topics the writer pushes is climate change, where Europeans, and Germans especially, are deeply frustrated with American exceptionalism and arrogance.

The Swiss newspaper Neue Zürcher Zeitung leads with “Satisfaction in Europe,” but also wonders if “Germany’s love affair with the president will continue.”


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