In Memoriam: Hans Jürgen Massaquoi, January 19, 1926 – January 19, 2013

Another important voice has passed away: Hans Jürgen Massaquoi died on January 19, 2013. ASC German students will remember Massaquoi as author of the memoir Neger, Neger, Schornsteinfeger [Destined to Witness] in which the author described his experiences as a black young man in Weimar and later Nazi Germany. Massaquoi, son of a Liberian diplomat and a white German woman, survived World War II in Germany, later emigrated to the United States and went on to become a journalist and eventually the managing editor of Ebony.

Here’s a short video from the German internet project Gedächtnis der Nation [Memory of the Nation] in which Massaquoi describes his disappointment of being rejected from the Hitler Youth:

Massaquoi’s memoir was filmed in 2006:


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  1. Excellent book, should be an excellent film. The excerpts are good even though I do not understand German. Note, all those who would remove a race from earth throughout history generally suffers a similar fate. This is God’s world.

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