ASC “Showing Thinking” Exhibit

Way back in August 2012, my colleagues Nell Ruby and Katherine Smith from the ASC Art and Art History Department invited me and another colleague to have a “creative breakfast”. They asked if we wanted to participate in an art exhibit that foregrounded the way we “think” and “create.” I had no idea that this would give me the opportunity to revisit and also present my research in a completely different way. Nell and Katherine challenged us to leave the traditional terrain of presenting the finished product of research, i.e. “the paper,” “the article,” and “the book.” Instead, they wanted us to highlight the path, including the detours, missed intersections, cul-de-sacs, and uphill patches.

The video embedded above is one of the outcomes of this process. The rest can be explored in ASC’s Dalton Gallery, together with the exhibitions of my colleagues in Classics, Megan Drinkwater, and Mathematic, Larry Riddle.


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  1. Nell Ruby says:

    So great to have participants in the show who embrace the spirit of SEEING so wholeheartedly. For more on the exhibition:

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