Music and Emotions in Postwar German Film


Courses and finals are over, the grading continues. What makes it fun are examples of creative and inspiring student work. Here’s an example from the final projects in German 330 “Postwar German Cinema”:

Some context: One of the course goals for German 330 is that students practice film analysis in different contexts and genres. At the beginning of the semester, students learn how to do a sequence analysis. That means they look at the four main areas of cinematic style–miss-en-scène, cinematography, editing, and sound–and analyze in detail how these stylistic elements “collaborate” to generate a specific meaning of a certain sequence. For the midterm project, students wrote an article for a campus newspaper in which they explained how film analysis can contribute to historical and sociological analysis of particular periods, i.e. the German postwar period. For their final project, students focused on a particular topic in one or more films and had to produce a 10-minute clip that analyzed said topic from a scholarly perspective.


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