“Hanna’s Journey” at Atlanta Jewish Film Festival

Today afternoon I’ll have the honor to introduce the German-Israeli co-production “Hanna’s Journey” at the Atlanta Jewish Film Festival at Atlantic Regal Theater (2:35pm).

“Hanna’s Journey” is the story of a young German student, Hanna, who begins to question her sole focus on a desired career as jet-setting consultant during a volunteer internship in Israel. Hanna’s initial attitude is typical for many in Germany’s millennial generation: While she feels that it is still a good idea to engage in Holocaust remembrance work in some formal way, she also thinks that her generation is too far removed to really address the question of guilt and responsibility. However, as the film shows, what seems to be distant history might be closer to one’s personal and family story than one might think.

The film by director Julia von Heinz also considers the viewpoint of young Israeli soldier Itay, who is torn between a desire to move to Berlin, where he hopes to escape the exhausting life at the fault lines of Middle Eastern politics, and the responsibility to stay and support his family. By merging a German and an Israeli perspective at this particular generational level, “Hanna’s Journey” is reminiscent of another recent film, Eytan Fox’ “Walk on Water,” which examines the psychological impact life in a war zone has on Israel’s young men.

If you have time, catch the film today or check out the schedule at the AJFF website.

Here’s a link to the trailer of “Hanna’s Journey”:


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