US Midterm Elections. You don’t care? The Rest of the World Does


While news outlets and politicians in the US fret about waning interest and low voter turnout in today’s midterm elections, people all over the globe observe these elections with great intensity. Among the usual interest in US foreign policy and economic directions, one concern stands out, prompted by the recent UN climate report: namely the question if the US will finally turn towards a sane approach on climate warming.

German, Austrian, and Swiss newspapers and media organizations have roving reporters on the ground in several US states, and many of them will have live coverage of the elections via social media and/or video long into the night.

Check out some of the feeds and use your German:

The German newspaper Süddeutsche Zeitung frequently updates its election coverage page here.

The Austrian daily newspaper Der Standard offers a social media feed with its reporters vowing to stay up until 6am Wednesday, the time the last election offices will close in the US.

The German public television channels ARD and ZDF offer ongoing updates on their various websites.


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