German Studies at Agnes Scott College is a blog about current events that might be of interest to students of German. The blog entries are usually written by Gundolf Graml, Director of German Studies at Agnes Scott College.

The German Studies Program at Agnes Scott College

ASC’s German Studies program offers a four-semester language program and as well as a major/minor in German Studies. Organized as a highly interdisciplinary program, German Studies students who want to major or minor usually take two more advanced language courses. Students also take “Introduction to German Studies,” which is taught in English and engages students with the broad range of inter- and multi-disciplinary research topics and methodologies in German Studies. Students then can select from a series of upper-level courses, ranging from “Advanced German Literature and Culture” to “Afro-German Culture and History” to “German Cinema”.

The Faculty

Gundolf Graml, Associate Professor and Director of German Studies, received his Ph.D. from the University of Minnesota, Minneapolis. His research focus is 20th and 21st-century German and Austrian film and literature; German and Austrian cultural studies; travel and tourism. He has published on Austrian films and on the connection between tourism and Austrian national identity. Dr. Graml is currently working on a book-length manuscript, titled “Remapping Austria: Tourism, Space, and National Identity after 1945.”

Recent Publications

Graml, Gundolf. “Trapped Bodies, Roaming Fantasies: Mobilizing Constructions of Place and Identity in Florian Flicker’s Suzie Washington.” New Austrian Film. Ed. Robert von Dassanowsky and Oliver C. Speck. New York: Berghahn Books, 2011: 251-62.

Graml, Gundolf. “Black Bodies on White Snow: The Reconstruction of Germanness as White in Luis Trenker’s Der verlorene Sohn (The Prodigal Son) (1934).” From Black to Schwarz: Cultural Crossovers between African America and Germany. Ed. Maria I. Diedrich and Jürgen Heinrichs. Michigan State UP, 2010: 161-86.

Reviews of From Black to Schwarz:

Eudell, Demetrius L. Rev. of From Black to Schwarz: Cultural Crossovers Between African-America and Germany. Ed. Maria Diedrich and Jürgen Heinrichs. Amsterdam: LIT Verlag, 2010. in: Symbolism: An International Journal of Critical Ästhetics. 11 (2011): 283-88.


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