“Je suis Annemarie Schwarzenbach!” — Film Screening & Discussion

Join us for a screening of Veronique Aubouy’s fascinating documentary, “Je suis Annemarie Schwarzenbach!”, on Thursday, October 25, at 7pm in Agnes Scott College’s film room in Buttrick Hall G-4. Open to the public, light refreshments served.

Please see the map below for directions. Agnes Scott College’s main address is 141 East College Avenue, Decatur, GA 30030. Parking is available for free in Agnes Scott’s parking deck on 137 South McDonough Street, Decatur 30030 (Point A on the map):

Born into a wealthy Swiss family in 1908, Schwarzenbach became a writer, journalist, and photographer who joined the modernist art circles in Zurich, Paris, and Berlin in the 1920s and 1930s. She repeatedly defied society’s restraints on women’s lives, breaching normative boundaries not only through her work but also by traveling. In the late 1930s, her travels took her to the US, where she spent significant time in Georgia. The photographic record of this journey is currently on exhibit at the Goethe Zentrum Atlanta.

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Fall 2015 German Film Series Starts on Thursday, Sep 24!

Fall wouldn’t be fall without watching a German film now and then–we’ll get started on Thursday, Sep 24, at 7pm in Campbell Fanny Graves auditorium (Room 128). The series will offer a survey of more recent German cinema, from the historical to the culinary.

Students with an interest in history want to make sure to not miss the screening of Margarethe von Trotta’s Rosenstrasse, based on a true event in which a group of women began to protest against the Nazis in order to free their imprisoned Jewish husbands. Childhood and education play an important role in Austrian director Michael Haneke’s The White Ribbon, which focuses on the oppressive social atmosphere and harsh child-rearing practices in a small German village at the outset of World War I. When does activism become terrorism? That’s the question Continue reading Fall 2015 German Film Series Starts on Thursday, Sep 24!

German Expressionism and its influence on Tim Burton

Director Tim Burton’s films have shaped American cinema, from Edward Scissorhands to Alice in Wonderland and, most recently, Inside Out. ASC German film students who have watched and discussed Fritz Lang’s Metropolis, Murnau’s Nosferatu, and Robert Wiene’s The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari will not be surprised by this great video clip that actually compares Burton’s drawing on German Expressionism shot by shot:

“Hanna’s Journey” at Atlanta Jewish Film Festival

Today afternoon I’ll have the honor to introduce the German-Israeli co-production “Hanna’s Journey” at the Atlanta Jewish Film Festival at Atlantic Regal Theater (2:35pm).

“Hanna’s Journey” is the story of a young German student, Hanna, who begins to question her sole focus on a desired career as jet-setting consultant during a volunteer internship in Israel. Hanna’s initial attitude is typical for many in Germany’s millennial generation: While she feels that it is still a good idea to engage in Holocaust remembrance work in some formal way, she also thinks that her generation is too far removed to really address the question of guilt and responsibility. However, as the film shows, what seems to be distant history might be closer to one’s personal and family story than one might think.

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Music and Emotions in Postwar German Film

Courses and finals are over, the grading continues. What makes it fun are examples of creative and inspiring student work. Here’s an example from the final projects in German 330 “Postwar German Cinema”:

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German Studies Courses 2013-14

It’s advising time and we invite you to check out the German Studies course descriptions for 2013-14. In addition to the elementary, intermediate, and advanced language courses, the German Studies program also offers a series of upper-level courses in English on topics such as German Cinema and German Cultural Studies. These courses are open for students from all disciplines and don’t have a prerequisite.

Look at the full list of course descriptions here.

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ASC “Showing Thinking” Exhibit

Way back in August 2012, my colleagues Nell Ruby and Katherine Smith from the ASC Art and Art History Department invited me and another colleague to have a “creative breakfast”. They asked if we wanted to participate in an art exhibit that foregrounded the way we “think” and “create.” I had no idea that this would give me the opportunity to revisit and also present my research in a completely different way. Nell and Katherine challenged us to leave the traditional terrain of presenting the finished product of research, i.e. “the paper,” “the article,” and “the book.” Instead, they wanted us to highlight the path, including the detours, missed intersections, cul-de-sacs, and uphill patches.

The video embedded above is one of the outcomes of this process. The rest can be explored in ASC’s Dalton Gallery, together with the exhibitions of my colleagues in Classics, Megan Drinkwater, and Mathematic, Larry Riddle.