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Open-Air Screening of “Metropolis” Postponed

The planned open-air screening of Fritz Lang’s Metropolis has been postponed to Spring 2013!


German Sci-Fi classic “Metropolis” to be Screened at Woodruff Arts Center

Update September 26, 2012:

This event has been postponed to Spring 2013! Consult the Sonic Generator website for more information.

Fritz Lang’s iconic science fiction film Metropolis (1927) will be screened at the Woodruff Arts Center on Thursday, September 27, 2012 from 8:30-11:30pm. That’s fantastic. What’s even better: The film–often cited as inspiration for films such as Blade Runner and The Matrix–will be shown with a live performance of a new musical score, conducted by guest composer Martin Matalon.

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Atlanta is “Metropolis”

We are currently discussing Fritz Lang’s Metropolis in German 200. One of the most iconic images from this film is the modern city with skyscrapers, airplanes, elevated trains moving around. Turns out that Atlantans in 1910 had a vision of what their city would look like in 2010 not very different from Fritz Lang’s city:

Here’s the picture from Metropolis:

And here’s Atlanta as envisioned by the Greater Atlanta Magazine in 1910 (via the Decatur Metro Blog):

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