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Vienna’s Solar City Map

Imagine this: You live in greater Atlanta area and are interested in solar energy. You would like to know quickly what potential for electricity production the roof of your house or your apartment building has? Where do you go to find that information in 2 minutes? Right, nowhere…

In Vienna it takes you less than 2 minutes. The city just published its “Solarkataster,” an electronic map of the city where you can either zoom in on your location or type in your address. The website will then provide you not only with data about the sun’s angle and strength at particular days and times, but it will also tell you the potential for electricity production on your roof and calculate possible investments in solar energy. The website is based on overflights of the city with a laser-sensor conducted in 2007.

That was one year before Obama was elected president in the USA. Here we are still talking about whether or not solar energy is a feasible and valid energy source.

This is a screenshot from the website:


German Film “The Fourth Revolution” at Agnes Scott College; Discussion with Producer

Way back when, there was the agrarian revolution; then came the industrial revolution; a few decades ago, we went through the digital revolution; now we need a fourth revolution to get us out of the environmental mess created by the previous changes and in order to survive climate change.

The 2010 documentary “The Fourth Revolution” does not argue for street riots and insurgencies. Instead, it lays out a convincing argument for a radical rethinking of energy production. Director Carl Fechner and his team have spent several years researching and interviewing an amazing array of politicians, journalists, and energy experts to demonstrate how the political and social problems of our times are closely intertwined with the reliance on fossil fuels. But instead of stopping at highlighting the problem, this film points at feasible solutions now. As one critic has said, “this is the positive response to Al Gore’s An Inconvenient Truth.”

The film has premiered to great acclaim in Europe and has so far been shown at several film festivals in the US and in Canada. The screening at Agnes Scott College will be the beginning of a larger initiative to show this film in schools and universities across the country.

Please distribute this information widely and join us for the screening, followed by a discussion with one of the film’s producer:

When: Tuesday, October 4, 2011; 7:00pm
Where: Buttrick Hall G-4, Agnes Scott College, Decatur, GA (find the location in google maps)

Film is in German with English subtitles/voiceover.
The event is free and open to the public.
Contact information: Gundolf Graml, ggraml@agnesscott.edu

Update Sep 9:
We also have a nice poster now:

Here is a short trailer with more information about the film:

Update, September 12:

Here is an English-speaking review of the film.

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