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Fritz Lang Retrospective

The New York Times has a great article about a retrospective featuring German filmmaker Fritz Lang’s American films. Last semester students in German 200 watched Lang’s two classics, “Metropolis” and “M“. Made in Germany before Lang’s emigration to the US, these two films are often credited as having founded the genres of science-fiction and the film noir. A prolific but controversial director during his Hollywood career, Lang filmed with stars such as Gary Cooper and Barbara Stanwyck.

For those interested in Lang’s biography, here is part 1 of a documentary (in German):

Here are the opening credits of Lang’s “Hangman also die,” a film about the events following the assassination of National Socialist Reinhard Heydrich (listen to the great music by German composer Hanns Eisler and look for the name Bert Brecht–he co-wrote the script with Lang during his exile in Hollywood).

For clips from some of Lang’s other films-: Continue reading


Atlanta is “Metropolis”

We are currently discussing Fritz Lang’s Metropolis in German 200. One of the most iconic images from this film is the modern city with skyscrapers, airplanes, elevated trains moving around. Turns out that Atlantans in 1910 had a vision of what their city would look like in 2010 not very different from Fritz Lang’s city:

Here’s the picture from Metropolis:

And here’s Atlanta as envisioned by the Greater Atlanta Magazine in 1910 (via the Decatur Metro Blog):

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