Have you seen any good films lately?

German 330 will definitely be an opportunity to catch up on recent developments in German and Austrian film. Taught by Prof. Sarah Richards, a graduate of Emory U’s Film Studies and German Studies programs, this course will take a close look at recent and non-mainstream films from Austria and Germany, from Spielmann’s Revanche (2009) to Michael Haneke’s The…

Music and Emotions in Postwar German Film

Courses and finals are over, the grading continues. What makes it fun are examples of creative and inspiring student work. Here’s an example from the final projects in German 330 “Postwar German Cinema”:

German Sci-Fi classic “Metropolis” to be Screened at Woodruff Arts Center

Update September 26, 2012: This event has been postponed to Spring 2013! Consult the Sonic Generator website for more information. Fritz Lang’s iconic science fiction film Metropolis (1927) will be screened at the Woodruff Arts Center on Thursday, September 27, 2012 from 8:30-11:30pm. That’s fantastic. What’s even better: The film–often cited as inspiration for films such…

ASC German Studies Courses 2012-13

Registration is around the corner. Here are the course offerings in German Studies. We look forward to seeing you in our courses, please do not hesitate to contact the German Studies faculty if you have questions.

Sabine Hake Lecture in Atlanta

The ASC German Studies Program co-sponsors a lecture by Dr. Sabine Hake on “Postfascism and Democratic Subjectivity: On West German Films of the 1950s,” on February 24, 3-5pm, in GSU’s Rialto Center in downtown Atlanta. Prof. Hake is one of the foremost experts on German cinema, some of ASC’s German students might remember her work…