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Going Global with German Studies

German Studies/Economics double major Sarah Harris is currently finishing up her last semester at Agnes Scott College. She’s already looking back at how Agnes helped her to become educated for a global world. We are happy to hear that German Studies played a crucial role in this process, from the courses at ASC to a teaching gig at Dortmund University and an internship offer from Porsche. But see for yourself…


Have you seen any good films lately?

German 330 will definitely be an opportunity to catch up on recent developments in German and Austrian film. Taught by Prof. Sarah Richards, a graduate of Emory U’s Film Studies and German Studies programs, this course will take a close look at recent and non-mainstream films from Austria and Germany, from Spielmann’s Revanche (2009) to Michael Haneke’s The White Ribbon (2009). Directors such as Ulrich Seidl, Stephan Ruzowitzky and others will likely play a role as well.

This course is taught in English, cross-listed with the Film Studies Minor, and has no pre-requisites.

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ASC German Studies Upper-level Courses, Spring 2013

Advising week is upon us, and I wanted to share the two upper-level courses with you: German 351: Politics of Holocaust Memory (in German), and German 330: From “Rubblefilms” to “Wendefilms”: German Cinema from 1945 to 2000 (taught in English). (Clicking on the titles will lead you to pdf files with detailed course descriptions.)

Sneak Preview: ASC German Courses for 2012-13

As you begin preparing for your arrival on campus, please check out the course offerings in the German Studies Program:

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ASC German Studies Courses 2012-13

Registration is around the corner. Here are the course offerings in German Studies. We look forward to seeing you in our courses, please do not hesitate to contact the German Studies faculty if you have questions.

German Courses Spring 2012

Registration is around the corner, and we would like to inform you about two exciting German Studies courses taught in Spring 2012.

German 360 “Advanced German Literature and Culture” will focus on literary and filmic treatments of Turkish migration to Germany. Students will investigate how the debate in Germany over the last couple of decades has shifted from “guest workers” to “immigrants” and how this change is reflected in the literary texts and films about and by Turkish-Germans. Students will read detective novels such as Jakob Arjouni’s Happy Birthday, Türke, and coming-of-age novels such as Selam Berlin by author Yadé Kara, who visited Agnes Scott in Spring 2011. Films include Fatih Akin’s Gegen die Wand and Auf der anderen Seite as well as Yasemin Samdereli’s most recent comedy Alemanya.

Here’s the trailer for Alemanya, just to give you a taste of the course:

German 360 will be taught in German and requires successful completion of German 222 or permission of the program director for registration.

German 330, “Entertaining the Nazis? German Feature Films from 1933 to 1945” will focus on the more than 1,000 feature films the National Socialist entertainment industry produced during its 12 years. Students will watch films ranging from propaganda movies such as Hitler Youth Quex to exotic travel films such as Habanera and will discuss these films in the context of international film history. During the course, students will become familiar with some of the most important theoretical and methodological approaches to (German) cinema and will also have ample opportunity to practice film analysis. German 330 will be taught in English and is cross-listed with the Film and Media Studies Minor. There are no other pre-requisites.

Here’s a clip from Münchhausen, the first major color-film produced in Germany in 1943:

Please don’t hesitate to e-mail ggramlATagnesscott.edu with any questions about these films and check AscAgnes for dates/times etc. We look forward to seeing you in one or both of these courses.

Click below for the course flyers:

German 330 Spring 2012

German 360 Spring 2012

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