Going Global with German Studies

German Studies/Economics double major Sarah Harris is currently finishing up her last semester at Agnes Scott College. She’s already looking back at how Agnes helped her to become educated for a global world. We are happy to hear that German Studies played a crucial role in this process, from the courses at ASC to a…

Have you seen any good films lately?

German 330 will definitely be an opportunity to catch up on recent developments in German and Austrian film. Taught by Prof. Sarah Richards, a graduate of Emory U’s Film Studies and German Studies programs, this course will take a close look at recent and non-mainstream films from Austria and Germany, from Spielmann’s Revanche (2009) to Michael Haneke’s The…

ASC German Studies Upper-level Courses, Spring 2013

Advising week is upon us, and I wanted to share the two upper-level courses with you: German 351: Politics of Holocaust Memory (in German), and German 330: From “Rubblefilms” to “Wendefilms”: German Cinema from 1945 to 2000 (taught in English). (Clicking on the titles will lead you to pdf files with detailed course descriptions.)

ASC German Studies Courses 2012-13

Registration is around the corner. Here are the course offerings in German Studies. We look forward to seeing you in our courses, please do not hesitate to contact the German Studies faculty if you have questions.

German Courses Spring 2012

Registration is around the corner, and we would like to inform you about two exciting German Studies courses taught in Spring 2012. German 360 “Advanced German Literature and Culture” will focus on literary and filmic treatments of Turkish migration to Germany. Students will investigate how the debate in Germany over the last couple of decades…